Friday, November 04, 2016

Country Judge to Decide Plimberton Sunglasses Caper

Rumor has it that the first episode of Country Judge, starring formerly disgraced Judge Cludderman, will spotlight Billy Plimberton's case for stealing sunglasses from a rest area. Plimberton was charged recently when he came back to Mulch Park after founding a gang in LA and taking a field trip to Paraguay--possibly to pursue his deadbeat TV dad who had been running from Plimberton's threats.

"I think the best way is to get folksy with the boy, " said Cludderman.  He's gone on the wrong path and I aim to set him straight!"

When Plimberton was asked for comment, he just ignored the reporter and shouted at a nearby guard, "Where's my burger!?"

The new show, Country Judge, is set to air in December. The scuttle in the industry is that it is a sure hit.