Thursday, February 18, 2021

We Got a New Blurb!

 Bluegreenplant has gotten a new blurb. Let us know how you like this sexy and dramatically comical blurb:

Doomed to a life without a family, little Billy Plimberton, resident of "The Home For Unwanted Children" wins a billion dollar court settlement and subsequently uses the windfall to hire actors to play the role of families for him and the other orphans. The grand empty space in little Billy's heart is finally filled as his reality show life skyrockets in the ratings. But a perfect reality can not last, and Plimberton's world comes crashing down when his dedicated father abandons him for more promising prospects in Hollywood. As the years pass, bitterness grows. Soon, Billy Plimberton is aged out and on the streets. Rejected again, Billy and his newly formed gang embrace a new answer to the heartache: revenge.
Presented through the perspectives of Bluegreenplant 's four top journalists, this satire weaves itself into an oddly uplifting tale.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Countdown Deal! Limited Time!

January 17-January 24! Countdown deal! Limited time

Only $00.99. This is a great deal. The regular price is the already low price of $12.99. If the pattern continues, it is going up to $14.99 soon after the deal. Buy it!

Bluegreenplant, a Novel of Belonging, Perception, and Revenge with a Bent of Humor


Wednesday, November 25, 2020