Monday, June 22, 2015

Award Winning Actor Located by Rogue Cop!

A Paraguayan police sergeant--who was  placed on unpaid leave for making an off-color jokes and punching the jaw of a young upstart druggie who turned out to be the mayor's nephew--has dropped a bombshell in Asuncion. He refused to let his investigation take a day off and continued examining clues from his makeshift lab in his garage. Sgt. Craus "Muscles" Rochmun has pinpointed the location of Actor Clift Barwell, who disappeared recently.

"He is in the evidence room of the National Police Headquarters," he said. "If my co-workers would just let me in the building, I would lead you right to him." He waved a pair of pliers and an antenna made of wire coat hangers. "They've got to let me return to work at headquarters! I have solved this case and ..."

Just then, the power went off and the mayor, with his contingent of bodyguards, appeared. One of the guards was holding an unplugged power cord. The mayor straightened his tie and announced, "That crooked cop is not getting his job back." He looked at the sergeant, pointed at his feet, and laughed derisively, "Ha-ha; nice bedroom slippers!"

The bodyguards laughed as well.