Monday, May 25, 2015

Horrific Object found in Hotdog

A vendor in Asuncion Paraguay has been slapped with a fine after one of his line of products failed inspection epically.

A microchip almost chipped the tooth of Oscar Gonzalez-Gonzalez when he bit into the steaming snack from a street food vendor. After removing the unknown electronic object from his mouth, he wiped it off, examined it, and decided to bring it into the national police crime lab where he works as a security guard and janitor.

One of the lab techincians agreed to inspect the chip and discovered that it was a homing chip which had been implanted into actor Clift Barwell's left shoulder just days before he fled the USA amidst death threats.

When confronted with the evidence by The Blue Green Power Plant, the hot dog vendor stated, "I don't make the hot dogs, I just sell them." When pressed for further information, he deadpanned, "It looks like that Barwell guy has gone to the dogs."