Monday, January 19, 2015

Duckton is Back--Like a Reverse-meteorite!

Bill Duckton is cranking the footrest on his plush recliner down, dusting off his spiral notebook and sticking a roll of Tums in his pocket. The semi-retired reporter explained why he has come out of semi-retirement to Bluegreenplant associate Angela Ramos. "People all over the world have failed to recognize the magnitude of that single blip from the center of the Earth."

He continued. "Now, you and I may not like the way Clift Barwell treated those kids, but if he is still alive, it's news. And if he is hiding out in the center of the Earth, we'll, it may mean another Pluitzer Prize for you and a third one for me."

Duckton, a lover of words, continued talking at length to this reporter, who agreed to team up with him to unearth the truth about Barwell, wherever it leads. "I don't appreciate how news agencies the world over just glazed over this story. I think that alleged deadbeat just may be alive somewhere."

You heard it right here on Bluegreenplant. Bill Duckton is back!