Sunday, December 07, 2014

Mars Rover spotted stalking Mars rover!

"I'm giving this to you for free because I love your website and I know that you have too much integrity to pay for news articles," said our unnamed anonymous source, who may or may not work at NASA in the Control Center for the Mars Rover Project, Classified Section. "Plus," he slapped his knee and hooted a laugh, "nobody will ever believe you."

The contact from The Blue Green Power Plant accepted the manila envelope with the enclosed photo of some kind of a creature following behind the Mars rover. "Thanks. What the heck do you think it is?"

Our unnamed source responded with a sudden nervousness which came over him like a paranoid itch, "All I know is that the State Department wants to quell the project now. They are afraid it will spread panic." He began to edge out of the room.

"What about the President? What does he think?" added the BGP reporter.

"The president?" He looked from side to side. "The president doesn't know about this. I told you it's top secret!"

The Following picture was taken by the Mars Rover Project and transmitted to Earth in November of 2014.  It was copied by our source before all the files were ordered destroyed.