Thursday, March 07, 2013

Barwell Scolds Children in Emmy Acceptance Speech

In Hollywood, Emmy winner Clift Barwell scolded the children of the world for being a bunch of brats as he reacted from the emotion of winning the coveted award in the wake of an attempt on his life with a car bomb only a few months before. "Ungrateful brats!"  he shouted at the camera as if the teleprompter had gone totally haywire. "Mulch Park is dead to me!"

Londra Wallace, who was presenting the award to him became flustered and her gown, designed by famed Paris and Hong Kong designer, Sammy Reichter, shifted, showing a little more cleavage than planned.  A slow motion replay showed that, in an effort to adjust her dress, Wallace let go of the Emmy before Barwell could establish a grip on it, resulting in the trophy bouncing on the floor and making a clanging sound, followed by some expletives from the winner. In a later interview, Wallace said that, for the most part, the trophy came out  undented.

The actor's cryptic comments about Mulch Park seemed to be a reference to the Nebraska town where his vehicle was bombed. "The investigation into the explosion is still open," reported Officer Smidgin of the logistics squad in reference to a request for an update on the bombing.