Monday, May 07, 2012

Clift Barwell Bitten by Smiling Dolphin

Jerik the Dolphin Trainer got some unplanned negative reinforcement when he gave his co-star, Puncheon Seven, the wrong command during rehearsal. Trying to give the robot dolphin a command to flip, he accidentally gave the signal for Bite me. There was no audience at the time to witness the blooper, but several videos of the accident are available on YouTube.

"It's funny cause he panicks!" said webmaster Jeff Johnson, who watched it again and again as the rubber and steel whale clutched his co-star's hand and refused to let go. "He couldn't give the command to let him go cause he needed two hands to give that command! Ha-ha. It was so funny!"

Due to possible scarring, shooting for the new smash-hit movie has been postponed two weeks. In a recent televised interview, Barwell insisted that he bore no ill will towards his co-star and said that he was happy because this new schedule will give him a chance to spend more time in Mulch Park with his adopted orphan kids on his TV Reality show.