Saturday, April 09, 2011

Hector Chen on Death Row!!

Supreme Court Judge, Oscar Tyler-Gomez, has condemned Hector Chen for murder and now he is on death row!

Pooch, the stand-in for has died of rabies, and due to a mix-up in court papers, Hector Chen was found guilty for the crime.

"I severely doubt that dog had rabies before biting the accused. He, after all, is a star!" said the Maria Tyler-Gomez, the prosecutor, who clicked her stiletto heels where the exclamation point went in the previous sentence.

Hector Chen's lawyer looked at the ice melting in his glass of rye whiskey, waved his hand as if the air were jello, and said, "No questions, judge."

The courtroom gasped, but knew that someone had to pay for the crime.