Monday, May 17, 2010

Alien Destroys Robot on Sea Floor

An Alien that looks like Jesus, only smaller, has destroyed an expensive robot with some kind of gunk-ray, perhaps because it did not want to be photographed on the sea floor.

Tarooush Buckingham of South Calcutta, India, described the encounter. "I was remotely operating the robot, as per my job instructions. I work for a large American company at a remote computer console. Well, I was looking through the camera of the robot, you know with my computer monitor, and suddenly, sploosh! We were covered with black and brown goo. It was disgusting."

The science division of Robotor Drilling Corporation has alerted the US Department of Homeland Security to inform of the sudden onset of hostility from the alien.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Robot Spots Alien on Sea Floor

Images beamed from one of the giant robots sent to investigate a leak where a huge oil rig sprung a leak making fiasco an understatement, have revealed the image of an peculiar creature over a mile below sea level. "It might sound crazy, but at first I thought the image was Jesus," said researcher Phillip Conway of BP oil company. "Then we enhanced the photo and I posted it on my facebook. Someone from South Florida had seen it in a McDonald's Restaurant."

Nobody can explain why or how it traveled into the Gulf of Mexico, but one observer had a theory. "He is going to plug the hole and save the world," said Annie O'Corlkey of Hampshiretown, New Mexico.

An official at the company formerly known as British Petroleum had another theory. "I think that is the thing that caused the leak," stated Mark Tubledge, a lawyer for the corporation.