Friday, November 27, 2009

A Very Generous Dafferty Indeed

Upon his return from the Thanksgiving Soup Kitchen, where he was serving soup to the impoverished, poor, and homeless, Bill Dafferty announced with much humility and charm that he would bankroll the repair of the roof of the Blue Green Power Plant Headquarters at the site of the old Burger King University in Miami, Florida, USA. The roof and ceiling were shattered when an asteroid plummeted from outer space and hit the building. Dafferty's Thanksgiving cheer really helped the building's occupants to get over their fright from the initial space-time occurrence.

"It was as scary as shit; it's still scary as shit," said a man who identified himself only as Bollenger, who was escorted out of the building--where he didn't belong. "That thing is still hot. Unlike that soup he served us." He pointed at Bill Dafferty, who was covered with confetti and smiles and adulation.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Asteroid Damages BluegreenPlant Building

A rock from space has hurtled into the roof of the Blue Green Power Plant building, shattering a water cooler and melting a candy machine.

"I saw it flying through space and then it sploded!" Said a witness, Barbell Breen, who was working in the area. "I am a roofer, you see, " he added. "I see all kinds of stuff up in the sky with my job."

"It was horrible inside," reported Bill Dafferty, who was in the building at the time. "There were Almond Joys all over the place."

Scientists have cordoned off the area for an analysis of the small boulder.