Sunday, June 28, 2009

Odd Prowler Sighting

On a quiet summer day in the municipality of Mulch Park, Nebraska, a stout Canadian taxi stopped to ask directions. The person giving the directions recognized the passenger as the Odd Prowler and reported it to the FBI missing persons desk helpline.

"Do I get a reward?"

"You don't get any compensation until the individual in the memo is in custody."

"I got a confession to make."

"What is it." Officer Barnett was getting impatient with the caller.

The caller fumbled vocally, "I think I gave him bad directions. I couldn't understand that taxi driver. Sorry."

"We are on the case."

"But it's gonna be all right?"

A dial tone.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

GPS Breaks in Odd Prowler's Taxi

The taxi driver who has been hired by readers of The Blue Green Power Plant to safely drive the Odd Prowler from his successful speaking engagement in New York City to his safehouse, the home of Bill Duckton in Miami Florida, has Twittered that his Global Positioning Device device has floundered due to an ice-cream spill.

"The whole irony of the situation is that we all chipped in so that he would feel safe, after his plane crashed into a luggage cart in La Guardia after taxiing into the tarmac," said Pleasant Sanchez, a reader of The Blue Green Power Plant who donated fifty dollars to help the Odd Prowler get home. "I just wanted him to feel secure and now I can't imagine the terror and anxiety he must feel of being lost on the surface of the Earth."

Bill Duckton made allusions to ET, the Extra Terrestial. "No. He hasn't phoned home," he reported.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Odd Prowler Recieves Huge Check

A consortium of readers of interesting internet news sources has collected sufficient funds to send the Odd Prowler a check so that he can return to his home in Miami, Florida in a taxi instead of an airplane.

When asked to comment, the Odd Prowler replied in flawless English, "My home is not in Miami. That is Bill Duckton's home. I am from the Center of the Earth."

In spite of his failure to express gratitude, the press is sure that he is grateful.

He will begin his trip on Monday, in Burt's Taxi.

Investigative journalism has uncovered that the check was signed by millionaire, William Towelamp. When contacted for comment, Towelamp responded with gravity, "Air travel just is not safe. What if the plane hit a satellite or something? How did you get my number!?"