Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bill Duckton Postpones Interview In Center of Earth

The Center of Earth TV studio remains hollowly empty now

The heroic Bill Duckton has self-sacrificingly postponed his interview on Center of the Earth TV in order to search for his missing colleague, Angela Ramos, who ironically disappeared on an expedition to save him.

"First I have to find that hole I came out of. I hope it is still there. I should have left a trail of breadcrumbs or something," said Duckton in his latest transmission.

That's our hero!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No Word From Angela Has Staff Horrificated With Fear

The worst is feared now that a large measure of time has passed without a transmission from Looney-going Bluegreenplant reporter, Angela Ramos, who got lost on her way to the center of the Earth. Ernest Dafferty, father of Angela's colleague, Bill Dafferty, proffered the following scenario as to Angela's fate: "Perhaps she just went nuts and triggered a cave in or a landslide, or an avalanche or something. All I can say is, she is no Bill Duckton!"

On the lighter side, The Blue Green Power Plant got a loud and clear transmission from Bill Duckton in the Center of the Earth. He is doing fine and claims that he has learned the language so well that he is due to be interviewed on one of their TV stations. You go Bill!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dead Air Has Bluegreenplant Workers Eating Too Many Candy Bars

The long time span since a transmission from looney-going Blue Green Power Plant reporter Angela Ramos has everyone at Bluegreenplant in a tizzy. She is well-liked, and highly regarded, especially among the cleaning staff and proofreading department, and just about everyone has been hitting the candy machines as a way of dealing with the stress of waiting for a transmission to let us know that Angie is OK.

Tabby Lane reported eating twelve Snickers bars and Bill Dafferty claimed to have eaten thirteen. Manny Thompson, who claims to be Angela's "unrequited boyfriend," says he ate five Aba-zabbas.

The machines are due to be re-stocked this Thursday.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Mayor Hecot Smithly Calls Towelamp a Coward

At his mansion in Mulch Park, Nebraska, Mayor Hecot Smithly told DJ's in a phone interview that William Towelamp is a coward for not going down the hole to the center of the Earth in a rescue effort for poor Angela Ramos, who seems to be going loony and getting more and more lost.

Towelamp responded by saying, "I don't listen to that crap on the radio."

The Bluegreen Power Plant has sent a transmission to Angela, asking if she is OK.