Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dafferty Tops Himself!

In record time, Bill Dafferty has put together a documentary that explains and clarifies the complex timeline of News Stories Reported in The Blue Green Power Plant. We hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Concern For Bill Duckton

A stampede of bill collectors have converged on the BlueGreenPowerPlant's headquarters claiming the last paycheck of Bill Duckton. Officials at the Blue Green Power Plant have no plans to hand his check over to anyone until Mr. Duckton's death has been certified.

Reactions to Duckton's disappearance down the rabbit hole vary.

"He's dead for sure. Nothing could live in that horrible hole of death," said Oscar Derwilligar of White Plaines, NY, who was visiting the site of Metropolitan Hospital's demolition.

"I am sure that he is fine. I can feel it in my bones," said Amanda Derwilligar, no relation to Oscar Derwilligar, who was walking to a Pinto's Donut Shop across from the site of Metropolitan Hospital's demolition.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dafferty Makes his Deadline for Timeline in Record Time!

This is my flowchart to explain the mysterious incidents of the dog cat and ferret.
Bluegreen Plant hires me (Yours truely)---->Some guy gets stuck in towel --->before that (I almost forgot) some animals are shot into space --->Dr Somebody saves the guy form the towel--->THat doctor went to Cuba for some reason (LoL)--->Some rabbit excapes from a lab somewhere --->It comes to America and digs a hole in a h0spital which they blew up__---> Then Duckton goes down the hole like a stupid asshole that he is --->A technician here at this place (who gets paid more than me!) separates the sounds of the animals who were shot into space in the 1950 or 60's-->Someone puts my name in the damn suggestion box--->you read this and say how cool I am.--->Then Hammersmith hits his thumb with his own hammer, LoL.

If you are smart enough, this explains the whole thing, so enjoy your damn flowchart.

Byline: Bill Dafferty

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bill Dafferty Volunteers for Assignment

After an astute reader of The Blue Green Power Plant left a comment requesting a timeline or flow chart to explain the complicated mystery of the Cat, Dog, and Ferret, that keep appearing as a tenaciously unifying and ubiquitous factor in news stories which at first seem totally unrelated, cracker-jack reporter Bill Dafferty's name was found in the suggestion box and he was given the assignment.

Said Dafferty, "I suppose I will have to go into the archives to do that so I will need someone to teach me how to read the archives."

He has been given a deadline to finish the project.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Cryptic Message From Inside Rabbit Hole!

Analysis of a recording made by Bill Duckton, a Bluegreenplant reporter who fell down a bottomless rabbit hole, has been decrypted by scientists from the Maldive Islands who moved to New Zealand because of water intrusion problems in their original and favorite laboratory.

Tyler F. Ruskets has separated the distinct sounds of four animals from the humming cacophony in the background of Duckton's broadcast. The animals are: a dog, a cat, and a ferret, combined with Duckton's gibbering.

It should be noted that, on Friday, January 12, 2007, a dog a cat, and a ferret, played a puzzling role in the horrific ordeal of Hecot
Smithly, who was trapped in a towel and mentioned in this blog.