Friday, January 26, 2007

Reginald Gamma Mentioned in State of the Union Address

Last week in the State of the Union address, President Bush disparaged Dr. Gamma as: "The son of a terrorist and a regular Dr. Frankenstein, resurrecting a monster like in the movie."

It has been reported in the Cuban press that since Dr. Reginald Gamma has begun practicing as Fidel Castro's doctor, the disliked dictator has gone from death's door to a dashing picture of health. Hugo Chavez, Castro's only buddy and the president of Venezuela, has stated that Fidel is now "jogging around the hospital."

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Fidel Castro Gets Sniffles

Word from operatives in Havana, Cuba, is that there is nothing wrong with Fidel Castro other than a case of the sniffles. The Communist Party of Cuba has hired Dr. Reginald Gamma simply as a precaution to cure the sniffles that the President on hiatus has at the present time.

The Sniffles

Monday, January 15, 2007

Reginald Gamma Pardoned by Raul Castro

Fidel and Raul Castro during healthier times

Good news and bad news. First the good news. Dr. Reginald Gamma is no longer in the bowels of a Cuban prison. Because of the pressure of a letter writing and email mailing campaign from the readers of The Blue Green Power Plant, acting president Raul Castro has decided to grant a full pardon to Dr. Reginald Gamma for illegally entering territorial waters of the sovereign nation of Cuba.

The bad news is that Gamma has been contracted as the new personal physician of Fidel Castro, the ailing ex-leader of Cuba. Word around the coffee houses on Guanabacoa Avenue in Havana are ones of pity and dread. Said one Cuban national who requested anonymity, "He would be better off in the prison. Now, if Fidel dies, he dies. And Fidel doesn't look so good."

Dr. Gamma is desperately needed in the USA, as it is common knowledge in the medical community that he is the only doctor who can pull Rolch Wood, noted parazoologist, out of his coma, a coma which was induced by brain waves from a malicious rabbit with a human foot he had been "honing in on."

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Horrible News: Reginald Gamma is a Prisoner in Cuba

Dr Reginald Gamma, the doctor who is being sought to extricate Rolch Wood from his coma, is reported to be in the bowels of one of the Castro regime prisons. Several ex-political prisoners, who are now working at a Little Havana K-Mart in Miami, Florida, claim to have learned their first English utterances from their cellmate, Dr. Gamma. "We also learned a few Maldivian curse words," one of them added.

Apparently Dr. Gamma was detained while entering Cuban waters in a "fast boat." Gamma told Cuban government officials that he was on a fishing trip and got lost.

The Blue Green Power Plant believes that Dr. Gamma was detained in an attempt to rescue his mother, who is being held prisoner in Cuba, but by U.S. forces in Guantanamo Bay.

This situation was predicted by a bluegreenplant reporter who spotted Gamma at a boat show

Dr Gamma is needed here. A grassroots letter writing campaign has sprung up to pressure the Cuban "Commies" for his release. Those who wish to participate can write:

Raul Castro
Guanabacoa Mansion
Havana, Cuba

or email in care of this station:

Friday, January 12, 2007

Dr. Reginald Gamma Sought to Save Rolch Wood

Two dogs, two cats and a ferret were launched into space over 40 years ago. Could there be a connection between them and the rabbit with a human foot?
Dr Reginald Gamma, the Maldivian-American institution, the hero who recovered from Amnesia only to find out that his mother was imprisoned in Guantanamo bay, Cuba, is being sought as the only feasible candidate to pull Rolch Wood out of his coma.

Hospital spokesman, Milo Ottenger has stated that analyses of the utterances made by Rolch Wood while in the coma seem to mirror those reported by a previous patient of Gamma who was in a similar situation. "When Hecot Smithly was absorbed into a towel, he mentioned ferrets, dogs and cats. Rolch Wood seems to be mentioning the same animals. It could be a coincidence, but we have a responsibility to our patient to investigate and therefore find a loophole which will commit the insurance company to helping him."

There was not comment from the insurance company spokesman, who appeared uninformed when quizzed by Bluegreenplant.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Rolch Wood's Insurance Company Sends Him Home

The health insurance company of Rolch Wood, the parazoologist who had been communicating with the rabbit with a human foot, has released Wood from the hospital even though he is still in a coma.

An executive from a national leading HMO said, "If he were a parabiologist, we could get him treatment, but but he is a parazoologist and therefore is not covered. His policy clearly states that if he is talking, he is not in what we define as a coma. He needs to be at home.

Rolch wood has periodically began jibbering about animals, as if talking in his sleep. He is quoted as saying, "Two dogs, two cats and a ferret. They are menacing me."

Woods former employer, Dr. Phil has stated that he would like to help Wood, "But I don't have any idea where to begin."