Sunday, November 26, 2006

Fugitive Rabbit Spotted in Basket of Dalmation Puppies

The cloned rabbit that escaped from a laboratory in Christchurch, New Zealand was spotted in a basket of dalmation puppies that a group of children were giving away in front of a neighborhood market in Chicago.

When a Blue Green Power Plant correspondant arrived to question the children, they stated that they had given away every last pup. The oldest child, Edumunda Ellison, 10, stated that the "really weird pup" had appeared when the other pups did in the "puppy basket" with the "mom."

A video taken by a Cubs fan with a cell phone verifies that the rabbit is indeed the same rabbit.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Professional Trackers Submitting Resumes to Find Rabbit

Turnberry University lawyers are taking steps to search for the world best trackers to be paid top dollar for the safe capture and return of the rabbit who has a human foot. The rabbit escaped from a high security cage in the lab of Dr. Ladner O'Conson.

O'Conson stated, "I have no idea how he escaped. He must have gone out that side door, because I had left it open when I was taking out the trash and I then got in my car and drove home to my apartment, forgetting the door was open."

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Turnberry University Sues Clonologist

Turnberry University and a scientist whom the university hired to clone a rabbit with a human foot are in a custody battle over the fuzzy little guy. While Dr. Ladner O'Conson states that the rabbit is "his baby," lawyers for the university insist that the animal, along with several swabs of cheek cells from inside the rabbit's cheek, is property of the University. If this goes to court, the fur is going to fly.