Saturday, September 16, 2006

Rabbit With Human Foot Successfully Cloned

A rabbit in New Zealand that was born with a human foot and was unfortunately killed by its mother was successfully cloned by scientists in Christchurch New Zealand and was displayed to reporters in a short press conference just yesterday. Ladner O'Conson stated that, "The whole process was a complete success. It was nothing shorter than godlike what we have done." Although the rabbit is not being displayed to the public, one photo was taken by a photographer of The Blue Green Power Plant.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Tabby Lane Offered Job at Higher Wages

Tabby Lane has shown her loyalty to the Blue Green Power Plant. She was offered a job at double her present wage and she turned it down. Said Tabby, "The San Francisco Opera offered to double my salary if I would leave this job and work for them as a publicist. They really need publicists there! Anyway, I turned them down. It just seemed like too creepy a bunch of people. Nice, but creepy."

Bluegreenplant has rewarded Tabby's loyalty with a book of coupons for LA fitness and Disneyworld, Orlando. Thanks Tabby.