Monday, November 19, 2018

Sheriff's Office Technicians Overheard Talking About Fate of Hubert the Police Robot

Sheriff's Office computer technicians were overheard at Millipede Restaurant on Foothill Boulevard in Pacoima, discussing the future of Hubert the Police Robot. When a Bluegreenplant reporter approached them for clarification, they didn't mince words. "We are going to have to wipe his hard drive and do a total dry re-boot."

When Bluegreenplant asked why, the two of them hemmed and hawed. "Well, it's just that we don't have any idea..." the first guy admitted.

Then the other guy interrupted. He had a T-shirt with the words Code This! printed on it. "Actually, that's not true. We definitely have an idea. As a matter of fact, The Gossip Sheet's website reported that the country of Slobvenia has been hacking law enforcement robots in preparation to hijack them and take over countries in the west.  Our leaders have been hiding this from us to avoid a panic."

Apparently the procedure will totally wipe all memories from Hubert the Police Robot. If this happens, little Todd Howard Jefferton will lose his new father figure and his mom will be a solo single mother again.

The two technicians planned to run the procedure right after they finished their burgers and shakes.

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