Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Naptimez Ova Headed North on I-210

A phalanx of skateboarding gangsters was spotted breaking formation and heading north on Interstate Five out of Downtown Los Angeles. A TV traffic helicopter shot video of them weaving between cars, trucks, and traffic cones. "It seems that Naptimez Ova! will get to their destination long before the motor vehicle traffic," said Ranger Roberts of the KTLA Hover Patrol Traffic Report. He laughed humorously.

Suddenly, an interruption from the station. "Um. Ranger! This is Madeline at the news desk. Can you tell where they are in such a hurry to get to?"

"No can do. They just got on the 2 and are headed for the 210. That would take them to some very excellent taco places in Eagle Rock." Ranger chortled again.

The transmission cut off and back at the studio, Madeline and Tanner just looked at each other. That awkward moment of dead air cost the station thousands of dollars.

Madeline gasped. "They are headed towards the Verdugo Mountains."

Madeline slightly choked up and Tanner took his cue, "Yes, they are headed for the Verdugo Mountains, location of the Meditation Center where Clift Barwell is taking a cyber-vacation."

Madeline blurted out that Barwell was a sitting duck, and then the station cut to commercial.

The monks at the Meditation Center do not communicate with outsiders and Clift Barwell has no access to television, cell phones, computers, or even newspapers. Perhaps sitting duck is an understatement.


Anonymous said...

This is a nightmare! Me and some of my friends are going to get heavily armed and we are going to head up to that meditation center so we can defend Clift Barwell. There is no way that actor is going to get killed and that movie is not going to be made. Not on my watch.

Calhoon Miltonson
La Cresenta, California

Anonymous said...

Do you mean the movie is going to be made? Because you said it was not going to be made. You don't make any sense.

Shelton Berringer
Tujunga, California

Anonymous said...

If he is going to die, I say there is no better place than the Meditation Center. I was there on a retreat a few years ago. It's sublime.
Lainey MCstravick
Encinitas, California