Thursday, October 25, 2018

Real Billy Plimberton Turns Self in to FBI

A very neatly lettered sign sits on an easel in a corner of Mallory Square in Key West, Florida. The Jesting Jousters will be back soon!

But it is not clear when the Jesting Jousters will be back. "We love their show!" said Edna Gromitson of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. "We have stayed three extra days in Key West because my husband and I are enthralled by their nightly show. The acrobatics, the jokes, the synchronized dancing--all framed by the most beautiful sunset outside of the Carolinas. They are so good that they should be in a bigger venue; I keep telling them to come to Myrtle Beach!"

"They have been great for business," said Alan Lesterson, owner of Lesterson's Crab Shack. "They have helped us recover from Elvira." When Lesterson spoke of Elvira, he was referring to the devastating hurricane that barreled through recently. "Come to our restaurant and get crabs!" he laughed and waved, as if signaling our Bluegreenplant reporter that the conversation was over.

But the conversation was not over. In preparation for the next round of the interview, the Bluegreenplant reporter stepped back to a safer distance and extended his arm with the microphone. "How would you react if I told you that the Jesting Jousters is actually Naptimez Ova! and they just turned themselves in to the FBI?"

Lesterson's face suddenly became red and he took a swing at the reporter, "How dare you tell such lies!" The reporter alertly dodged the fat fist.

Edna Gromitson reacted with a tragic look, kind of like the expression on Hamlet's face after Laertes told him that he had been poisoned by a venom-tipped sword. She sobbed, "The Jousting Jesters were about love and joy; they were not about being terrorists!"

"The Jesting Jousters," corrected the reporter.

"Shut the hell up!" she said, her southern accent suddenly becoming heavier.

According to the FBI, Naptimez Ova! turned themselves in at three o'clock in the afternoon today, right after their two o'clock show.


Anonymous said...

OMG! I saw their show and didn't even realize who they were! It was an excellent show. I don't usually leave any money for street performers, but they were so good that I got a dollar out of my wallet and placed it in their can, which was whimsically labeled funds .

Hector Perez
Hialeah, Florida

Anonymous said...

This all seems so weird. I mean, it sounds like they weren't hurting anyone. Why would the FBI want them? I don't think the Jesting Jousters would hurt a fly.
Maxine Ternura
Miami, Florida