Saturday, October 27, 2018

Giles Gullard to Hold Press Conference

The famed FBI informant who worked his way up through the ranks to a position of district supervisor has scheduled a press conference to "clear the air" about the events surrounding the recent arrest of Billy Plimberton and 12 other members of Naptimez Ova!. Agent Giles Gullard will make a little speech and then answer all questions from the press that he has time for. His spokesman has remained tight lipped, but did mention that too many rumors are swirling around.

When The Blue Green Power Plant contacted Clift Barwell for comment about recent developments, Barwell stated, "I just hope that the FBI guy points out that the video of me is totally fake and it should be removed from the internet."

"Are you breathing easier now that Plimberton is in custody?" asked the reporter.

"I was never scared of those punks. They were annoying little brats who didn't appreciate anything. And then they grew up into punks, plain and simple!" stated Barwell projecting his voice with a scolding finger gesture.

It seems as if Clift Barwell has hired a script writer, and perhaps an acting coach.

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Anonymous said...

Gullard? He is one of the best.

Shanie Blumption
New South Wales, Australia