Friday, October 26, 2018

Barwell Responds to Mean Memes

A meme of Clift Barwell has gone viral. It seems to be a manipulation of the Starbucks security video in which he panics and runs into a wall. In the meme, Barwell runs full force into the extended fist of Billy Plimberton. When Barwell hits the ground, a bell rings and a Plimberton says, "Naptime'z Ova!" Then the woozy actor gets up and it repeats on a loop.

"It's so funny," said Middle school teacher Mr. Joshua of Nacho Middle School in Escondido, California. "The kids were laughing during the lesson, so I got mad, but then they showed it to me and...look!" Just then Mr. Joshua held out his phone to show the reporters the video.

The scatter around Hollywood is that Director Steven Speigleman directed Barwell to go public and defuse the situation with self-deprecating humor. But without a script, the Hollywood actor seemed at a loss.

At the press conference, a reporter shouted, "Do you still hear bells, Clift?"

Clift Barwell nodded awkwardly and lifted a smile hindered by recent Botox injections.

"Ding! Ding! Ding!" said the reporter, who, by the way, was not from the Blue Green Power Plant. He was from a competitor of lesser renown, The Gossip Sheet.

"Shut up! It isn't funny!" Barwell's face turned red, but remained incongruently expressionless.

Speigleman put his arm around Barwell and rushed him out of the venue.


Anonymous said...

No actors hold go out in front of the public without a script.
Trevor Ulysses
New York

Anonymous said...

Poor Clift Barwell, he has suffered so much.

Tammy Wilcox
Perdue University Dorms
Block leader