Wednesday, September 05, 2018

High Security For Cast Announcement

"We recruited the toughest security force possible for our upcoming event," announced film director, Steven Speigleman. Ultra high security has been imported from the the latest Mad Max movie franchise to protect the upcoming celebration to announce the cast of the new Country Judge, the Movie, which is said to be ahead of schedule in production. The event is to be live streamed on Speigleman's as well as on the live-streaming channel Bongo!.

"There have been several threats, which we have decided to treat as realistic," said Speigleman. "The safety of our guests is numero uno."

When asked how many threats, Speigleman wavered and then vocalized, "One hundred and seventy."

Apparently the community has been freaking out with fear and terror. Several threatening calls have been traced by the Los Angeles Police Department, but the results were inconclusive. Graphologists are analyzing the penmanship of the graffiti on the wall around the perimeter of Speigleman's mansion where the words heads will roll were spray painted in blood-red paint. The graphologists' deliberative process is frustrating the locals, who want an arrest. Detectives from the logistics squad are gathering and studying various clues, one of which is a pair of initials scrawled at the end of the panoramic threat. The initials are BP.

"I want an arrest made as soon as possible," said a jumpy Speigleman. "I can't live like this!"

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Anonymous said...

What the article does not mention is how many times heads will roll was spray painted on that director's wall. I drive through that neighborhood every morning to go to my job as a waiter at Plumpkin's Restaurant. One morning I drove through and saw those words written at least one-hundred times. It was scary as hell!

Danny Santana
Pacoima, California