Monday, September 24, 2018

Country Judge TV Show Cancelled for Sure This Time

The president of the network has cancelled the hit TV show Country Judge starring Judge Marcus Cludderman, in spite of high ratings and lots of chatter in the gossip papers. "I had to cancel the show to save lives," stated TV President Harrison Cornwalsh. "It is as simple as that. Judge Cludderman was going crazy with power and I had to pull the plug."

TV President Cornwalsh was referring to the previous episode when an ill-humored Judge Cludderman sentenced an actor to death by hanging. The execution took place without a hitch, carried out by subcontractors hired by the state of California.

Cludderman's mood may not get better any time soon. Witnesses stated that he was "pissed off" because he was not chosen to play himself in the movie version of his show. One witness overheard him at the next urinal talking to himself about how much he hated the actor chosen to play him in the movie. He repeatedly called him a high falutin'piece of shit. That actor, is Clift Barwell.


Anonymous said...

Oh! I liked that show!

Stewart Menninger
Calhampton, Ontario

Anonymous said...

A mi me gusto ese show. Que lastima!

Pedro P Mora Trujillo
Guanajuato, Mexico