Friday, August 17, 2018

Judge Cludderman Dejected

Judge Cludderman's exit from his chambers in his shiny new studio today was sadder than a one car funeral after it was reported that he learned on social media that he is not playing himself in the upcoming smash hit movie version of Country Judge. It seems that the director, Steve Speigleman, has let it be known that he wants an A-list celebrity.

"I want someone with oomph!" exclaimed Speigleman to a group of admirers at a party. "Keep those martinis coming," he shouted to no one in particular.

It seems that Judge Cludderman is no longer the toast of the town. Rumors have it that Tom Crews's agent as well as the agents of Brad Pitts and Jackie Chen are duking it out for the part.

"Have you considered using Judge Cludderman for the part?" asked a Bluegreenplant reporter.

"Cludderman? Who the hell is that? Where's my martini!"

At this point the Bluegreenplant reporter couldn't handle the loud music for another minute and he exited the grounds of the mansion.

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