Saturday, October 26, 2013

Emmy Winner Afraid to Leave House

Emmy award winner Clift Barwell is afraid to step one foot out of his house now that his neighborhood has been taken over by the Naptimez Ova street gang, said Barwell's agent and lunching buddy, Michael Sternberger.  "He just sits in the house biting his fingernails and clutching his Emmy.  His jaw shakes like those comical novelty teeth that you wind up; however this is not funny at all," said the middle-aged man with a non-matching sport coat who looked like he just walked out of a New Jersey deli.

The police refused to comment, saying that anti-gang operations would be put at risk if Naptimez-Ova were clued in about law enforcement's planned maneuvers.


Anonymous said...

They used to be such nice kids and now they have started a street gang. If only Barwell had been a real father to guide them, instead of just using them as props for a TV show!

hondafactorypaintsucks said...

I am boycotting Barwell's TV show. I blame him for getting himself into this!

hondafactorypaintsucks said...