Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dog that Bit Hector Chen Quarantined

Due to the publicity generated when a dog actor nipped the hand of Hector Chen, scientist slash actor, and it swelled up, Charlesthedogactor.com has been quarantined for rabies.

The animal whined moanfully as an animal shelter worker did an interview with Bluegreenplant reporter, Angela Ramos. "If that dog dies, then Mister Chen dies. That's all there is to it!"

"But isn't there a treatment for rabies?" inquired the astute reporter.  "A series of painful injections into the abdomen with a foot-long needle?" Her beautiful black locks wafted in the air, scented with Lysol and animal grime.

"You know," replied the animal control worker. "We don't have many women as beautiful as you coming in here. I must be a little flustered." He shrugged and grinned. "Sure there's a cure. I guess we could give that to the dog."

Ms. Ramos, even the more gorgeous deflecting the flattery, responded, "Oh, I mean for Mister Chen."

"I suppose we could get some shots for Mister Chen as well." He smiled in a distracted way as the alluring reporter squatted down and gestured with kissing sounds toward the famous Charlesthedogactor.com, who cowered in the corner of the kennel.


Anonymous said...

That was obviously written by Angela Ramos. She kept trying to make herself look good.
I thought Bluegreenplant reporters were supposed to be anonymous.


Anonymous said...

Keep it to your self Tabby Lane. For your information,if you paid attention you would notice that I didn't sign the article. I just injected the name of the interviewer. YOu are the one who gave me credit for the well-written article! Now that's ironic!

Angela Ramos
Blue Green Power Plant

Anonymous said...

sooo?? What the heck is going on??