Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hero Squad--Not So Heroic

A hero squad of crackerjack mercenaries sent by a private security firm in the USA accidentally toppled the limousine with two famous scientists into a volcano when it maneuvered to rescue the trapped Paraguayans.

"Shit shit shit," said Sir William Towelamp, the head of the security firm. "I knew I would have been better off with Canadians!" He really looked upset as he pounded his fist like a overtightened ball of meat on the fiberboard podium. A microphone squeeked and reporters shuddered.

On the streets of Asunsion, the previously planned welcoming ceremony will be changed to a funeral procession.

"This is a sad turn of events," stated Bill Duckton, who came out of seclusion to comment.

Everyone is sad.


Anonymous said...

It just goes to show you. Real life is sadder than fiction. If this were a story, it would have a happy ending.

Those military contractors are inept!

Morton De'Pug
Baskerville, Idaho

Anonymous said...

Oh that really sucks.

Sidney Ricon


Anonymous said...

I think that we should agree to cancel Christmas this year in memory of those poor heroic scientists who were dunked in lava like an elaborate fondue.

Millie DeVincently
Morgan Hill, France