Sunday, November 07, 2010

Pope Mentions Paraguayan Scientists in Sunday Mass

The Pope of Rome singled out the Paraguayan Scientists who are sitting in a limousine precariously upturned at the edge of the opening of an active volcano. He suggested that all Catholics and Heathens from other religions pray to the Virgin Mary to save the scientists, who appear to be too scared to try to open the car door.

"We are living off the vast stores of snack foods and liquor here in the limo," Hector Chang, the taller of the two scientists whispered in an interview over the limo-phone. "Don't worry. We have a bathroom and everything in here." Then after an awkward silence, the man who had dedicated his life to godless-science blurted out: "Pray for us!"

As the Pope mentioned the two scientists, he cringed and showed tension in his shoulders.


Anonymous said...

Will they sacrifice a virgin to the volcano? I hope so!

Doug Pepman
Saratoga, FL

PoetLaureate4me said...

"Pray for us!" "Pray for us!" "Pray for us!" blurts the godless scientist

good A hand from above reached down

The mist cleared uncovering the sleeping psychiatrist

Goat entrails are brown

-Steve, the Poet

Anonymous said...

I hate to be an alarmist, but I am an amateur scientist and if I am not mistaken they run the risk of breathing toxic gasses that close to the volcano.

Ocelot McArthur
American Indian Adjutant Major
Colfax, Onterio

Anonymous said...

They asked for it.

Ray Romano