Thursday, October 14, 2010

Paraguayan Scientists Criticize American Culture

It looks like the two Paraguayan scientists whose plane crashed in the Andes Mountains will arrive in their homeland in style. A Peruvian limosine service has volunteered to shuttle them through the Amazonian Basin and across the vicuña-sprinkled plains into Asunción, their capital city.

"We've been through a lot," said the taller of the two scientists. "But we are proud of the work we have done."

Then the shorter scientist nodded.

Before they got in the fancy limo, they were asked for a final statement and they both shouted in unison: "Everyone Loves Raymond sucks!"

The vehicle sped off on a bumpy cloud of dust before the reporter, who rolled his eyes and shook his head, could correct them. It is Everybody Loves Raymond.


Anonymous said...

So, anyone who loves Raymond sucks?
I am confused.
And who the heck is Raymond?

Ashley Pincus

Anonymous said...

It is in reference to a show, Mister or Missus Pincus. A show that just happened to be nominated for an Emmy during its day, so you should know about it.

I say good riddance to those scientists. We don't need any foreigners to come here and save our asses.

Dan Mathews

Anonymous said...

Oh! Have you seen a Peruvian limousine?
Those scientists should have waited for a helicopter or even an ass.

Quentin Farriah
Memphis, TN

Anonymous said...

¡Esto es hilarante! Me atraparon en esa mina para 69 días y couldn' ¡espera de t a salir! La primera cosa leo cuando consigo detrás soy este blog y ahora estoy riendo mi cabeza apagado. ¡Gracias por la recepción agradable de nuevo a luz del sol! Barrios hispanos de Yonni
San Jose Chile

Anonymous said...

I used to drive a limosine in Peru before I emigrated to Mulch Park, Nebraska and I can tell you that they are plenty fancy and many of them have TV's. I am sure that those scientists will get one with a TV and even DVD's with Sylvester Stallone.

Anonymous said...

Where the hell do they get off criticizing our culture!? We welcome them with open arms and they leave when they try to violate their visas and work at McDonald's?
Heck! We even deported them first class!

Sal Napoli

Anonymous said...

Sal Napoli has a point, although a diss to South Park or the Simpsons would have really pissed me off!

Joe Smith
Victorville, CA