Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Conflict in Andes Almost Kills Survivors of Crash

A Colombian rescue party opened fire on an Ecuadoran rescue team when they met face to face on a ridge between the two countries.

"We thought they were guerrillas. Who would have known that a small,minor country like Ecuador would send out a team to rescue those scientists who were attacked by the reverse meteorite," said a Colombian rescuer.

"If we are a minor country, then how come we got there first?" shouted a short little guy with a cap that said Quito on it. "Those guys were almost rescued, then these jerks...." he pointed at the Colombian leader. "...these jerks started shooting and scared them away."

The good news is that the scientists appeared to be in good condition when they ran away and disappeared into the jungle-laden hills.


Anonymous said...

I just saw this same story printed in The Onion. So now I am laughing my head off.

Kari Van Soden

Eugene, OR

Anonymous said...

I saw this on CNN. That made me wonder even if it was true!

Snowball Jackson
Minituba, Northwest Territories