Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Irish Cop Arrests Bill Dafferty

A corrupt Irish cop has arrested Bill Dafferty while he was monitoring the line of pilgrims who were visiting the tiny baby Jesus inside of the asteroid which smashed into a candy machine when it came zooming out of the sky. "I'm placing you under arrest for runnin a numbers racket and cheatin all of these people out of their money." The cop seemed to be very serious.

All the people in the line insisted that he let him go. "We won't press charges," they insisted.

The cop seemed to lighten up after he was given a Mars bar. He got out the key to the handcuffs and jingled them in anticipation of releasing the prisoner.

"I want to press charges!" shouted a voice.

That is why Bill Dafferty is now in the pokie. Behind bars.

And who was that voice? William Towelamp, who had just arrived in Miami on his private Jet.


Anonymous said...

That William Towelamp is an old skinflint!\

Annie Mary Whyler

Portugal City, New Foundland, Canada

Anonymous said...

Free Bill Dafferty
Free Bill Dafferty
come on!
Free Bill Dafferty!

Ramont Linus

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable, that Towelamp. He didn't even really know what happened - because he wasn't even there!!!

-M.K. B'nathbao

Anonymous said...

I would like to offer that cop fifty dollars (US) to let Dafferty out of that cell!

Bill Duckton
BGPP, Corner Office

Anonymous said...

I will offer that cop whatever Duckton offers plus one dollar to keep Dafferty in there. Ha ha.

Sir William Towelamp

Porcupinetaxi said...

Hey, money talks!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Dafferty should offer Towelamp a Mars bar to drop the charges.

Amy Montigue-Cisseno
Long Island, NY