Thursday, December 24, 2009

Drunken Scientist Freaks Out

A drunken Paraguayan scientist has gone rogue on the rest of his crew and began taking a core sample from an asteroid which sits next to a vending machine at the headquarters of the Blue Green Power Plant. He drilled a perfect vipterl (sample) and upon placing it under the microscope, proceeded to scream that he, "saw the baby Jesus."

A spokesman asked the press to note that it was Christmas Eve and that he had been drinking a South American concoction known as "Hooch."


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a Christmas Miracle to me.

Lenny Caspardome

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! I saw Baby Jesus in the flames of our discarded Christmas wrapping paper, as it burned bright and colorful. I thought it was a miracle, too, but then I realized someone had accidentally dropped the baby Jesus from our creche into the fireplace.

Susan Von Michael
Santa Cruz, CA

Anonymous said...

Drill baby drill!

Sandra Palanco
Tummivmit, Alaska