Saturday, October 24, 2009

Government Questions Cash Transfer

Torry English, US representive from a district in Nebraska, has raised questions on the propriety of a cash transfer from the Cayman Islands account of the Blue Green Power Plant and into the personal account of Bill Dafferty.

"What's going on? I thought they were on the brink of bankruptcy and now I see an infusion of capital which is unprecedented in this sector of the economy?" questioned Rep. English on the Cat and Dave Morning Show. "I mean, they cut payroll, terminated more than two employees, and news has leaked out that it is all part of some scheme to make more money to rehire the old employees? Excuse me, but: What in the dickins is going on?"

The Blue Green Power Plant was mum when contacted by one of its few remaining reporters, but the amount of money is considered to be substantial. One of the remaining janitors has cited a crunched up piece of paper from the waste basket of Dafferty with the sum of two-million-seventy-seven dollars scrawled on it in blue ink.


Anonymous said...

Is Dafferty going to be the reporter investigating this? I think it would be a conflict of interest.

Send Duckton.

Reverend Chico Placinto
Marysville, California

Anonymous said...

I hear that Bernie Madoff had some accounts on the Cayman Islands.

-Kaneesha Jones
Bronx, NY

Anonymous said...

Send Duckton. He will get to the bottom of this!

Satchel Gomez
Brooklyn, USA

Anonymous said...

The Cat and Dave morning show should be called "the Cat and Mouse" morning show. It would be really clever, and would provide a theme like Punch and Judy.