Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ex-Reporter to Get Free Psychiatric Evaluation

A school counselor from a local middle school in Miami-Dade County has offered his services to evaluate Angela Ramos, the Blue Green Power Plant reporter who has been lost in the Center of the Earth for over a year. Co-workers have reported her as being "grouchy and touchy" ever since her return.

"She seemed especially irritable when informed that she no longer has a job. She refuses to accept that the economy took a downturn while she was gone and she was the first to be laid off," said Mister Morton, school guidance counselor and future PhD candidate. "This is a textbook case of denial."

Mr. Morton will be paid a stipend of $100.00 for his assistance with Angela's case. He will get an additional $50.00 if she tells him whether she saw the Odd Prowler on her way out of the Center of the Earth.


Anonymous said...

This is so upsetting.

Maira Gibbs

Anonymous said...

She should take fish oil capsules. They did the job for me.

Anita Sperling

Anonymous said...

Somebody call Johnny Cochran

Orinda Smith