Friday, September 25, 2009


In sharp contrast to the wild antics last year's celebration party, Bill Duckton's congratulatory party consisted of only three people this year. Yes, you heard me right. Bill Duckton has deservedly won the Pluitzer Prize for the year 2009.

It is his second Pluitzer prize in the same number of years. Judges were dazzled by his first-hand reports from the Center of the Earth, which told a tale of how confusion and fear of the unknown evolved into a welcoming embrace from one people to another and eventually a great friendship between him and the Odd Prowler.

Bill Dafferty hosted the congratulatory party. He stated, "This is truly exciting. I have invited over three hundred people to the party." His statement was perhaps a lie.

Of the people who showed up at the party, Bill Dafferty and Bill Duckton were joined by Manny Spencer, an engineer at the Spoonbill's Landing Condiminums.

We congratulate Bill Duckton, our two-timer! We are proud of you.

article written by bill duckton.


Anonymous said...

There's no such thing as the center of the earth. He made it all up. He doesn't deserve that prize!

Angela Ramos

Anonymous said...

Did you eat cake? I love parties with cake.

Tiffany Markis
Spenser, OH

Anonymous said...

Congrats Bill!

Lenny Starch
Piccalo, Czech Republic