Saturday, September 12, 2009

Angela Ramos Blows her Top

Angela Ramos, the Bluegreenplant reporter who was either thought lost forever or forgotten, and then suddenly reappeared on the surface of the Earth, has given her first interview to explain her ordeal.

When the reporter from a blog called "Discount Calcium Tablets Provide Virility" raised his hand and asked the third question about the Odd Prowler, she hit the ceiling.

"What is this? Why don't you ask about me? All you guys ask about is this Prowler? Holy shit!" And then she stormed off to a waiting Blue Green Power Plant shuttle van driven by Bill Dafferty.

She told a gas station attendant later that she was "pist off" because nobody asked her if she was OK. Everyone wanted to know if she had seen the Odd Prowler on her way up.

She still hasn't answered the question about whether or not she saw the Odd Prowler.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you need to change the title. I was googling for porn and it led me to your blog. (It was for research purposes only, by the way).

Reverend Jacob Feeley
Remington, North Carolina

Anonymous said...

Isn't it pissed off?

Just wondering...

Megan Seeman

Orinda, CA

bluegreenplant said...

Sorry. We have been forsed by bugdet cuts to lay off some of our proofreading staff are short handed. It's the economic times.