Saturday, July 25, 2009

Odd Prowler Wires Bill Duckton for Cash

The Odd Prowler has wired his friend Bill Duckton for Two thousand eighty dollars in cash so that he can pay the bill for staying at William Towelamp's house!

"This is just ridiculous. Ridiculous. It doesn't make any sense!" said a shopper at Piggly Wiggly when asked for her opinion of the situation as she read about it at the checkout counter.

According to Duckton, the Odd Prowler doesn't understand that the bill is inappropriate because he is from another culture, and William Towelamp doesn't realize the impropriety because he is a "goddamn skinflint."

"I wouldn't pay." said the Piggly Wiggly shopper. "Isn't that guy a terrorist anyway?"

Towelamp said via Twitter: "This guy got a huge check so that he wouldn't have to take a plane home. People sent him that money expecting him to spend it. I should get some money back. That's all there is too it."

The Blue Green Power Plant reported recently that William Towelamp was on the donors' list when a collection was made to help the Odd Prowler return to Miami in a non-scary way. "It is just ironic that he got lost," interrupted Bill Dafferty, reporter.


Anonymous said...

Define a 'non-scary way.'

Bruce Ilchworth

bluegreenplant said...

A non-scary way was supposed to be the Canadian taxi. The flight to New York turned out to be a bit horrifying for some of the passengers who were looking out the window when it was taxiing in and hit a luggage cart. A woman who saw her baggage get damaged screamed and set of a chain reaction of fear as the passengers were preparing to emerge into the airport.

Anonymous said...

I don't see why Duckton is cussing. He is the one who should have taught the Odd Prowler about our culture.


Anonymous said...

Please refer to me as Sir William Towelamp.

Sir William Towelamp