Tuesday, June 16, 2009

GPS Breaks in Odd Prowler's Taxi

The taxi driver who has been hired by readers of The Blue Green Power Plant to safely drive the Odd Prowler from his successful speaking engagement in New York City to his safehouse, the home of Bill Duckton in Miami Florida, has Twittered that his Global Positioning Device device has floundered due to an ice-cream spill.

"The whole irony of the situation is that we all chipped in so that he would feel safe, after his plane crashed into a luggage cart in La Guardia after taxiing into the tarmac," said Pleasant Sanchez, a reader of The Blue Green Power Plant who donated fifty dollars to help the Odd Prowler get home. "I just wanted him to feel secure and now I can't imagine the terror and anxiety he must feel of being lost on the surface of the Earth."

Bill Duckton made allusions to ET, the Extra Terrestial. "No. He hasn't phoned home," he reported.


SirwilliamTowelamp said...

She paid fifty dollars. Big deal. I paid most of the money. Imagine how I feel. Yeah, like I have been swindled.

Sir William Towelamp

Anonymous said...

That graphic of the lost taxi just breaks my heart!

Sophie Dunk
Portsmouth, Maine

Anonymous said...

I, for one, am worried. I know what it is like to be lost. It is no "cruise around the marina."

Admiral Cassock Tremintin
United States Navy

Anonymous said...

This blog gets a lot of comments. It must be popular. I am going to put it in my favorites.

Annie Galahaddiekov

Anonymous said...

Do taxis actually use GPS devices? I am skeptical about that.

Jerry Redborne
Verplanck, New York

Anonymous said...

I think that is is a typo. I think they mean MPH device, ergo, the speedometer.

Frantz Krous
(Yes, I am the famous Frantz Krous--the race car driver)

Indianapolis, Indiana

Anonymous said...

Damned illegals!!

Smithy Pitsorio

-Corfu, NEW YORK

Anonymous said...

Hahaha!! Hasn't phoned home!! Good one, Duckton!

-Charles H. Henry, III

Carlsbad, CA

Anonymous said...

I am a taxi driver and I never eat ice cream while I am working. I never eat anything while I am working.

-Enoch Martini
Cassadaga, NY

Anonymous said...

I am extremely concerned. Why havent we been informed of their well being? Ii is Angela Ramos all over again. In case any of you tuned in late, she is the Bluegreenplant reporter who disappeared in the Center of the Earth while on an expedition to save Bill Duckton.

Sonny Lemmons