Sunday, May 10, 2009

Major Newspaper Endorses Odd Prowler's Advancement in English Level

An editorial in the on-line version of the New York Times has thrown the paper's considerable virtual weight behind the movement to promote the Odd Prowler to an intermediate or advanced English as a Second Language class at his school. He was placed for a second time in the beginning level after he refused to answer a nosy question in the placement interview.

As a show of gratitude, the Odd Prowler has given the paper permission to fly him up to New York City, where he will read to school children from his new children's book: Rescue in the Center of the Earth!" In the book, the Odd Prowler relates how he saved Bill Duckton's life in the Center of the Earth. The book was financed by Duckton with his considerable Pluitzer Prize check.

Arnie Notoro, the principal of The Institute for Studies of English, which is where the Odd Prowler is registered, refused to comment after being ridiculed by a Bluegreenplant reporter who called him unfair. "Hey, he flunked. End of story," he said, and then walked out of his office to his Mazda.


Anonymous said...

Who illustrated the book?

-Willard P. Franklin

Albany, NY

Anonymous said...

I like books. Is it available on Amazon?

Trudy Jeckyll
Ashtabula, Oregon

Anonymous said...

Who drives a Mazda anymore?

-Micky DeLaCruz

Anonymous said...

This is America. Everyone passes.

-Sidney Farmidore
Reno, NV