Monday, May 04, 2009

Duckton-Dafferty Conflict Washed Away

It looks like the cleanliness of the Odd Prowler has washed away a simmering feud between Blue Green Power Plant colleagues, Bill Dafferty and Bill Duckton. The two excellent journalists were at odds over a scratch in Duckton's blue car which turned out to be grime.

The two were seen eating ice cream, chuckling, and drinking Old Milwaukee Beer in Duckton's corner office. The Florida Marlins were on the flat screen TV, losing three to seven.

It seems as if everything is "chillin" at the Blue Green Power Plant.

Happy days are here again.

"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words." From The Internet


Anonymous said...

Nothing smooths a feud and washes away resentment like Old Milwaukee beer.

My faith in humanity is restored.

-Mickey Brugen
Ferndale, CA

Anonymous said...

Finally some good news.

Yang Ming Xiao
Hunan, China

Anonymous said...

You can say that again.

Monty Huntingsquirrel-Jackson

poetlaureate4me said...

It seems as if everything
is "chillin" at the Blue Green
Power Plant.

Bill Dafferty and Bill Duckton, two excellent journalists

Dancing many tangos, many waltzes, many jigs

into the waiting jaws of the fire ants

Thrown into the sky like all so many figs

And The BOB(c) spake, and all became silent.

Thus was the armed knight enticed from the list

Bury it all in twelve tonnes of cement !

-Steve, the poet

Anonymous said...

Not bad, Steve.

Richard Frost-Pickwick

Anonymous said...

I think the poem stinks.

Boo on Steve the poet. Find another profession!

-Elsworth Ellington Cummings