Monday, January 26, 2009

Bill Duckton Calls Press Conference At County Jail

Bluegreenplant's Pluitzer Prize winner reporter, Bill Duckton, has called a press conference where he promises to answer every question that reporters have about his successful journey to the the Center of the Earth and back. He announced that he will be live online for a "chat with the superficials" in real time to answer any question from any journalist or regular person. His live web-chat-conference will be on The Blue Green Power Plant's Radio Internet Chatchannel at a time to be announced.

"First we will verify the President's schedule and then we will work around it to choose the best time for Mister Duckton's conference and chat session. We do not want him to upstage the president again," said Milo Ottenger, a spokesperson for Bill Duckton.

As Ottenger exited the room, a reporter for National Geographic shouted out rudely, "Why is he webcasting from the county jail???!!!" The spokesman for Duckton coyly monotoned in a deliberate way, "Wait til you hear where the odd prowler is from. It will knock your socks off."


Anonymous said...

I am all mewed up with anticipation.

Willard Alacran-Johnson, PHD

poetlaureate4me said...

"Wait til you hear where the odd prowler is from."

Phantasmal vapors transmuting their hoggish dialogue;

Reality is a staircase leading nowhere.

into the soup that burnt my tongue.

"It will knock your socks off"
surely some revelation is at hand.

don't just sit there and helplessly scoff

cradling the thorned egg in flaccid hands.

-Steve, the poet

Anonymous said...

That Steve is good.

Margie Sampson-Tervwilligar (divorced) ;-)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for that news conference.

-Xavier Goldstein