Saturday, November 01, 2008

Transmission Received from Angela Ramos

Totally lost Bluegreenplant reporter, Angela Ramos is still somewhere in the center of the Earth. After she refused help from colleague Bill Duckton, Duckton headed off to do a television interview in The Center of the Earth, and Angela lagged behind until she was "found and lost."

The good news is that she has plenty of food and water. "Duckton left his backpack. He was so absent minded. All he was doing was talking about how he was going to win the Pluitzer Prize and be the first human interviewed in the Center of the Earth. I would rather be lost than listen to that day in and day out while hiking to the surface."

In a very weak rescue effort, billionaire William Towelamp has promised to yell down the hole that leads to the Center of the Earth and act as a "vocal beacon."


Anonymous said...

What a relief! I was worried about Angela. Hope that food isn't too wormy.
-Mrs. Davis
Washington, DC

Anonymous said...

Vocal beacon my ass! Towelamp only wants to make himself look good. Angela is doomed!

-Calvin Hobbes