Sunday, October 26, 2008

Murmurings Assert Assertions About Phantom Video

A blogger from a rival blog has asserted the assertion that Bill Duckton's interview on television in the Center of the Earth was all a hoax and a sham and never took place at all.

Well, maybe that is the reason why they are number two. They need to check their facts.

At The Blue Green Power Plant, we make srue that everything we print has been checked and double checked. Then after that, we CHECK IT AGAIN.

We are sorry that Bill Duckton's transmission has not been received in such a long time. We want you readers to know, we believe in Bill Duckton and if he said he was going to be on TV, believe him. His name is credibility.


Anonymous said...

I am curious if the Center of the Earth is having presidential elections, like we are. Maybe their candidates would be better choices for us, too.

-X. Goldberg

Anonymous said...

But why was the video squelched?

Ron Shelby
Baltimore, Maryland

bluegreenplant said...

Mr. Goldstein,
We will pass on your question to Bill. We are sure he will be in contact with us soon.


poetlaureate4me said...

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-Steve, the poet