Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bill Duckton Postpones Interview In Center of Earth

The Center of Earth TV studio remains hollowly empty now

The heroic Bill Duckton has self-sacrificingly postponed his interview on Center of the Earth TV in order to search for his missing colleague, Angela Ramos, who ironically disappeared on an expedition to save him.

"First I have to find that hole I came out of. I hope it is still there. I should have left a trail of breadcrumbs or something," said Duckton in his latest transmission.

That's our hero!


Anonymous said...

He seems to be putting the welfare of his colleague ahead of his fame and fortune. That Duckton is a saint.

Hershel Townsend

Anonymous said...

Angela got herself into that mess. She should have to get herself out of it. It all started because she was jealous of Duckton and wanted to upstage him.

Anna Bell Dickinson
Massachusettes, USA

Anonymous said...

I just threw up, in my mouth.
Duckton is a FAKE
(p.s I work for Towelamp and he made me type this)
-Kerry Pinkerton

Anonymous said...

Pinkerton is a lousy guy with no honor. Somebody had to say it. So I did.

Terk Zephlon Midas
Crete, Greece

Anonymous said...

Am not, Terk Zephlon Midas!

-T. Pinkerton

Anonymous said...

Who is T. Pinkerton?

-X. Goldsmith

Anonymous said...

I thought it was K. Pinkerton, a name which, by the way, sounds like a body part. LOL.

Peter Nims Johnson
Clearwater, England

Anonymous said...

What is LOL?
(illiterate idiots)

-Kerry Pinkerton