Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Junior Reporter Jealous of Duckton

Only dirt?

Junior Reporter Angela Ramos, who entered the hole to go to the Center of the Earth claiming to have a plan to rescue Bill Duckton, who had been bitten by an otherworldly insect that looked like an ant, seems to be showing jealousy in her transmissions about her progress. She insisted, with no proof, that Duckton was "pulling a Dafferty" and "was not in the Center of the Earth at all. " Furthermore, she stated that the Center of the Earth is "just dirt. Duckton is making the rest up in order to engender glory for himself."
We at the Blue Green Power Plant love Angela, but think that maybe she should come up for air and give Bill Duckton credit where credit is due. We also suggest that she not use the word engender any more.


Anonymous said...

Come on Angela! Duckton has sent pictures! And what the hell is a "dafferty?" You sound like you are going loopy.

Trent Howie Glazer

Anonymous said...

The plot thickens, me thinks.

Philip Martin Wordsworth, III
Ceres, CA

Anonymous said...

I love
Angela and I believe her so much that if she gave me poison, I would believe her if she said it was safe.

To hell with Duckton (no pun intended) . I say that we should listen to Angela!

Soupy Davis Junior

Anonymous said...

The Blue Green Power Plant is discriminating aganst Angela RAmos because it is a sexist internet rag and keeps its woman reporters on a second tier.

You heard me.


bluegreenplant said...

The Blue Green Power Plant does not want to be viewed as having a bias in any way. We strive for fairness. In acknowledgment of your comments, we will publish Angela Ramos's next transmission in full, without editing, so she can have her say.

We may be sexy, but we are not sexist.

Angela? You have the floor.

Anonymous said...

I'll say you're sexy! I can hardly stand to look at that dummy!
(can't wait to hear from Angela)

Star Waterman

bluegreenplant said...

Mr. Waterman,

We were just trying to inject a little humor and charm into the tense situation. Don't worry. No offense taken.