Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hecot Smithly Announces "Duckton Tax"

Mayor Hecot Smithly of Mulch Park, Nebraska, has announced a special tax to be levied upon anyone besides him who uses the hole to go to the Center of the Earth. His announcement was met with a mixed bag of comments:

"Tax and spend. He doesn't surprise me." Millionaire William Towelamp

"This is unfair. I didn't know about the tax when I entered this scary scene to rescue Bill Duckton, my colleague." Angela Ramos, reporter

He deserted me and now he wants to share in the riches of the Center of the Earth? He has got to be kidding." Bill Duckton, reporter

On another note, Ace reporter, Bill Duckton, has announced that he is having a great time at the sports festival in the center of the Earth. He has transmitted that Centerofearthians are great hosts and not only has he put on a few pounds due to their cuisine, but also that they are so nice that he has decided to stop referring to them as creatures.


Anonymous said...

Duckton is a class act all the way. I can't say as much for Smithly.

Acchiam O'Rellie Snan

Anonymous said...

He is putting on weight? Ugh...what if those "Centerofearthians" plan to eat him once he is fat enough?

Makes my skin crawl.

Edith Wayne-Matthews
Smithton, IL

MountainPatsy said...

I thought Towelamp died. Didn't the newspaper had a obituary recently about him?

Sir William Towelamp said...

Hey Dogface,

First of all it is Sir William Towelamp.

Second, I am alive and well. Any obituary you saw may have been about my half brother, Marcus Grunlap.

Third, I hope those creatures at the Center of the Earth really do eat Duckton. Any friend of Hecot Smithly is not a friend of mine.

Sir William Towelamp

Professor said...

It should be "Didn't the newspaper have an obituary. Please Mountainpatsy, a lot of children read this blog and you are modeling sub-literate English language structures. Think of the children.

Willard Alacran Johnson, PHd

Anonymous said...

What do you expect? It was written by a dog.

Lexie Helcorn