Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fireworks for Duckton at Sports Festival

A hugely wonderful choreographed welcome ceremony met Pluitzer Prize nominated Bluegreenplant reporter Bill Duckton as he arrived to cut the ribbon for the opening of the Sports Festival at the Center of the Earth. We salute Bill Duckton for rising to such a high status in the Center of the Earth. We just hope he remembers to come home. We miss him!

Bill Duckton here. You wouldn't believe all the people in this festival. They are all here to see me cut the ribbon! I guess I am a bit of an oddity here, what with my height and muscles and lighter colored hair. But they love me!


Anonymous said...

This is so weird! How could a parallel universe exist in the center of the earth?

-Keith Watkins
Sparks, NV

Anonymous said...

Is Michael Phelps down there, too?

Craig Mitkin

bluegreenplant said...

As far as we know the only person with a "normal name" is Bill Duckton, as he is from the surface of the Earth.