Sunday, June 08, 2008

Bill Duckton Sends Digital Photograph of Sun in Center of Earth

Bill Duckton here. I told you that there is a sun in the center of the earth and here it is. Also, I found a lake and the people here are very nice. Unfortunately, they just speak gibberish. I communicate with them by using a universal sign language. They have promised to take me to their leader. No luck finding Hecot Smithly. The center of the Earth is so big, he could be anywhere.

The previous report was filed by Ace reporter, Bill Duckton, at 1200 hours today, Saturday. We at The Blue Green Power Plant are as amazed and speechless as you readers must be!


Anonymous said...

Wow. Tbis is so beautiful, it made me cry.

Sherry VanJordanare

Anonymous said...

The Blue Green Power Plant is on the wrong track. There are more important things happening in this world, including the most important: The Impending Rapture.
This website will help you organize your last days here on earth (assuming you are believers)

-Cyril Blackburn
Christchurch, New Zealand

Anonymous said...

This is all too much. Is Mr. Blackburn saying that Duckton is the messiah? I knew that this was heavy, but this is mindblowingly heavy.

Terk Jefferton

Anonymous said...

Better get your house in order, before Duckton comes out of that hole!

-Buck Rathbone
Associate Pastor
Church of the Frigid Air

Anonymous said...

Crpytr Blbbrush, cachkinny dither! Holinth'cnner buggr thn plANET?! Nrnbdy sprach Gibbrush neemore!


Anonymous said...

The sun in the center of the Earth must be what scientists thought to be the Earth's molten core.

Tren Allawishious III

Don Webb said...

You know my uncle's chiropractor's sister's friend's father Fred Crisman headed for the inner earth and ended up on the grassy knoll:

Then I was inspired to play a charatcer in D&D called "Grassy Gnoll" so synchronicity can be a biatch.