Sunday, June 01, 2008

Bill Duckton Feared Going Nuts

Billl Duckton filed the following report, which has raised some concern among his co-workers, especially the Bluegreenplant custodian, who used to be a psychiatrist in Chile. If he is not losing his mind, this is the story of the century.

Bill Cluckton, I mean Duckton, here. There is another sun in the center of the Earth. And there is a sky in the center of the Earth. Almost as big as the sky back home. And the people here are not weird creatures. They are nice and they gave me food that tasted like chicken. They are hardly creepy at all. Man that sun in the center of the Earth is bright!

No photographic evidence accompanied this report, filed by Bill Duckton sometime last night.


Anonymous said...

Where is he? It sound kind of nice. I may have to find that hole.

Pattie Varneesee

Anonymous said...

Wasn't this from a Shyamalan movie?

-Kitty Mason

bluegreenplant said...

A Blue Green Power Plant custodian has pushed his way past Towelamp's thugs and dropped several canisters of pure oxygen to our deep heros. Hopefully this will help them to overcome the poison gas which killed the characters in the Shamalan movie, a tragic Himalayan Bollywood musical.